Posted : 13 November 2020

Locals are invited to explore Dundee’s innovation and discovery in medicine and biology in a new series of self-guided walking tours produced by the University of Dundee.  


Dundee is celebrated internationally for its pioneering work in medical sciences, in particular the University of Dundee’s ground-breaking research into cancer, diabetes, drug development and surgical techniques, but the city has a great deal of extraordinary stories in medicine and biology still unknown to many.


To introduce locals to some of the incredible stories of past and present, the University’s Museum Services have teamed up with the School of Life Sciences to create the Dundee Discoveries map.


The map, produced for this year’s Dundee Science Festival, features a series of self-guided walking tours through pioneering scientific research in medicine, biology, forensics, nursing and dentistry. It is split into three routes - the City Centre, West End and University of Dundee, and Ninewells Hospital.  


“We are delighted to launch our Dundee Discoveries map,” said Matthew Jarron, Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee.


“Our aim is to highlight locations around the city that have interesting medical or scientific connections.


“The tours give glimpses into the past by looking at historic landmarks, buildings, institutions and figures vital to the city’s progression in medicine and biology. For example, where the Malmaison Hotel now stands was once the site of Dundee’s cholera hospital, and close to Dundee Rep Theatre was the location of the GP surgery of Emily Moorhead and Alice Thomson, possibly the first all-female medical practice in Scotland.


“We have worked with many different staff across the University to showcase ground-breaking current research alongside the history, giving glimpses into the future by highlighting the places and people of today that are involved in a variety of crucial medical and scientific research.


“The map also includes a scavenger hunt for younger explorers to find various features along the trails, so the whole family can enjoy the walks together.”


The Dundee Science Festival, led by Dundee Science Centre, will run until Sunday 29th November.  


A digital copy of the map can be found on the Dundee Discoveries web page, alongside additional information, images and videos on topics.  Copies of the map can also be picked up from Dundee Science Centre, which is open at weekends during the festival.  


Participants are reminded to follow current Covid-19 guidelines when undertaking the walks.


The project was supported by the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund awarded to the University of Dundee.