Dundee is the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design.

A member of the global Creative Cities network, Dundee was designated a UNESCO City of Design in December 2014. The design network is currently made up of 31 cities in total and includes cities across the world including places like Bandung, Detroit, Graz, Helsinki, Montreal, Nagoya, Puebla, Shenzhen and Singapore.

In granting Dundee the title, UNESCO recognises the design innovations Dundee has contributed to the world with inventions and discoveries of everyday products like the adhesive postage stamp and aspirin, to the creation of cultural icons in comics and video games across textile and print. Today the sector supports designers in the fields of digital and gaming, textiles and product, furniture and interior, medical research and of course architecture amongst many, many others.

Dundee's design heritage inspires those designers and further strengthens the city's growing reputation as a hub of cultural and creative excellence. This designation acknowledges the city’s creative potential within the design disciplines to look to the future and work towards using design to improve the everyday lives of people living in Dundee.

More information about Dundee UNESCO City of Design, the activity, project and events that are delivered as part of the designation can be found on the City of Design Dundee website. 


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